The Stoughton Opera House is housed within the historic City Hall building in the heart of downtown Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Dedicated to supporting the historic Stoughton Opera House

The Stoughton Opera House Friends Association (SOHFA) is dedicated to the continued success of the treasured Stoughton Opera House, a fixture in south-central Wisconsin's arts community. SOHFA aims to sustain the Opera House as a first-class performing arts facility through philanthropy, awareness building, and volunteer support. Please join us!


Please note that SOHFA is not affiliated with the City of Stoughton, but works closely with the Stoughton Opera House's professional staff and city-appointed board of directors to ensure that the Stoughton Opera House has a bright future. 




SOHFA believes that a vibrant arts presence not only helps a community socially and culturally, but economically as well. As such, it is vital that the Stoughton Opera House remains a thriving part of Stoughton's community and economy. 

According to the Wisconsin Arts Board, Wisconsin's nonprofit arts and cultural sector is a $535 million industry, resulting in nearly $65 million in local and state tax revenues, over 22,800 full time jobs, and $479 million in resident income.

"Communities thrive and grow through investment in the arts. Arts involvement and infrastructure increases the capacity of small towns, rural areas, suburbs, and cities to attract and retain businesses, residents, and visitors, improve quality of life, and broaden the tax base."



The Stoughton Opera House Friends Association has three primary functions:

  1. Coordinate and manage the Catfish River Music Festival, an annual fundraising event that benefits the Stoughton Opera House.
  2. Build and administer the Stoughton Opera House Friends Association Endowment, a collection of charitable funds that support the mission, programs, and facilities of the Stoughton Opera House.
  3. Encourage and accept charitable gifts from donors, private and public foundations, and corporate entities on behalf of the Stoughton Opera House. 

You can support the Stoughton Opera House Friends in many ways. Find out more about our endowment, meaningful ways to give, how you can volunteer with SOHFA today!